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Bathroom Remodeling

  • Shower Repairing El Monte, CA

    At UAC Contractors El Monte we strive to provide the most ground-breaking bathroom remodeling design. Our customers can enjoy the best selections from top of the line manufacturers around the world. To support the sales and serving of our products, our staff is fully trained and licensed to provide you with remodeling assistance.  

    Homeowners invest a lot of money into searching for ways to improve their bathroom and create a more comfortable feel. Our bathroom remodeling services are a wonderful way to add value to your home and add pleasure to your hectic life. We can fulfill many job installations such as cabinets, faucets, lighting fixtures, flooring, toilets, vanities, showers and bathtubs. We’ll start out with the actual layout and floor plan of your bathroom and then we will begin building your new bathroom from the ground up.  

    Contractors El Monte is a licensed bathroom contractor that can perform various bathroom remodeling services. These services include:

    - Bathroom Remodeling
    - Bathroom Additions
    - Bathroom Renovation
    - Bathroom Designs
    - Shower and Bath Installation
    - Toilet
    - Interior Walls
    - Countertops
    - Flooring
    - Windows
    - Plumbing Fixtures
    - Lighting Fixtures
    - Ceilings
    - Cabinets
    - Tiles


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